About Us

We are pleased to announce the coming together of Vivero International Preschool, Powai and Defin8 Consulting to celebrate a globally popular festival – The Halloween. The interest during recent times for the festival has been high, and especially among the international school-going audience and parents. Given the timing which is predominantly that of the Indian Festivals, we thought of adding a little twist on this FUN SUNDAY! A family carnival, Live Performances, Food Festival, Halloween themed science and art based activities, games, magic shows all rolled into one.. and we are more than willing for this concept to grow and flourish.

Vivero international school is keen to spread the bonhomie and extends a warm invitation to all Mumbai schools, parents community as well as schools & colleges from all over Mumbai to participate by ways of inter-school/college pageants, music & dance shows and a whole lot of live performances.

This is going to be organised as a Halloween themed outdoor event, spread out in the EL Tara Compound, its air conditioned studio (where children’s activities and magic shows will be organised) and the school stilted area (for a Halloween themed playing arcade).

The singular mission is to have some serious outdoorsy fun and enjoy . Getting together the larger community at one place, to enjoy and celebrate forms the core of this idea.


Activities Line-Up




Limited Seats Available

How we are giving back to the society. 
The first step we took after conceptualising the show was to get in touch with Angel Xpress Foundation and invite 30 of their pupils to celebrate the festival with us.  At AXF, the mission is to educate those living on the fringes and we wish to include them in our merriment.  Our chief partner,  My Happy Box (makers of intelligent and indigenous board games) will be launching a new game with these children and also plan to give them something they will cherish for good times. We have also tied up with one of India’s largest parent resource – MY CITY4KIDS so we access and get across to many more parents living across the country.

Halloween themed science, learning and fun! 
Interesting people from various walks of life have come together to help us put together an exquisite collection of Halloween themed games and activities. The Oranje Academy founded by a young engineer turned football coach is putting up escape games, and spooky installations to keep revellers of all ages engrossed. The Springboard which is an activity center will be making sure there are enough of Jack o lanterns and magic wands flowing around giving children a chance to create their own. Sparkles science (BLUE Sparrow) and their team from Delhi comes with many years of Halloween experience and is putting together magic shows, love witch brew making and participants also get to take goop and slime home!

Live performances 
We have Partnered with the widely renowned Furtados School of Music and they will ensure that children and prodigies from across mumbai show their prowess on the stage, in form of live music, rock performances and instruments.  Children and families will be strutting their Halloween attire on stage and the pageantry will be recorded and shared with them to preserve their memories. Their participation will be rewarded by gifts and services that have been generously offered by established brands like Indigo Deli, Escapology, Starfish salon, Party Hunterz along others. Dance performances by known artists like Virali Parekh, Pia and others are also lined up and regular magic shows on stage will help keep the audience engaged.

Something for everyone 
If all of the above isn’t enough,  we have made sure that it mirrors a food festival and nothing less.  With more than 10 food trucks populating the grounds,  it sure might get a bit cramped but we doubt anyone will complain. My Happy Box will also have a separate section where they will invite children to play life sized versions of their popular board games in an air conditioned studio. Parents can also take solace of this opportunity and enjoy the variety of food that the trucks will get along.

Vivero International Pre-School, Powai is only a facilitator to this Vivero Halloween Pop Up event and owes no responsibility to any of its financial or non-financial transactions connected to this event. All the responsibility of the event is borne by Defin8.


Best wishes from the popup Team